Thursday, December 3, 2009

Of course I want to earn more money, but can I do it in good conscience?

Google is offering to support me to some extent with ads in my blog. Since I know how much I detest ads invading my areas of information, I want to come here and ask whomever is reading my blog what you think about me signing up for this advertising? I will have to carefully consider this opportunity or insult. I know that I have not been here consistently because I get distracted, however I think I've made a decision to write here regularly, much of it having to do with how I conduct my life. You see, I have to define what it is and what I want to do with it and actually print it out here or in a document to fully appreciate what I am thinking about. I don't have the complete capacity to weigh in on ideas in my head. My conceptualization is corrupted, doesn't work like people who can conceptualize well. So that's it. How do you, whomever is reading my writing feel about ads on the side bar and between my posts as Goolge is suggesting


  1. I think they've made that offer to everyone, I know I get regular contact from them but unless you've got hundreds of readers everyday the few cents you earn is just not worth the hassle. Just my opinion.

  2. to earn more money you have lots of other ways also and you can get money making ideas from the websites in the google look for those and see how many are there.