Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just to many issues to list and the frustration pile is growing!

I carry a tape recorder now to put down memo's of thoughts that occur to me while I am out and about and likely unable to recollect in the near future. I mean, they might pop into my head in two weeks and that will just add to my already up to the eyebrows level of frustration. I'm listening to the tape play and what I have is my school bus route 144 for Portland Public Schools through the contractor I work for. It is Monday, the 30th of November and I am driving up NW Thompson about a 1/2 mile East of NW Skyline Blvd. outside of Portland and the bus is going slow because it is old 181,000 odd miles on it and packed to the gills with Lincoln High School students, all 46 of them. I see a line of vehicles forming behind the bus in my mirror and notice a car at the top of the hill heading down in our direction. Suddenly the vehicle behind us, a Toyota Camry darts out and starts passing us over the double line. That is not necessarily the bad part. The bad part is they are passing a school bus loaded with adolescents in this case and I have to ask myself since I can't ask them, What are you thinking? They made it and cut in front of us before the opposing traffic collided with them. But for what? Was it worth it to put about 50 people in jeopardy because you didn't want to drive slowly up a hill? I think that people in cars have really lost track of the idea of what is safe and what isn't safe to do while driving. That was the first of a series of blunders by other drivers that afternoon that could have lead to a serious collision. You see, I don't consider a collision an accident. An accident is more like a collision that happens without warning. In this case there is plenty of warning that danger is imminent and if the wrong action is performed then that was a choice and a bad one! Then an SUV decides to pass us, thing is another car is coming down the hill, What are you thinking? I just don't get it. Likely, there is no time savings. Maybe it is because that person is talking on their cell phone or texting and they are not paying attention or don't know it will only take 30 more seconds to ascend the hill. I know that for some reason many of us have been told that we can save time if we do more things at once by purchasing products that help us save time. So, it appears some people are still drinking the Kool-Aide, the ideas that "marketing" people use to sell products or ideas. Some of those "marketing" people are not being honest. To me, "Marketing" is really just lying. When is the lying going to stop? When are the double standards going to end? What is considered enough people to speak up against something for the rest of the people to pay attention and stop the nonsense? That about covers it. Now I am going to write up an outline for what I want to being to our company manager as to my safety concerns that I didn't even touch on here.

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