Monday, February 13, 2012


It is the first day of the first month of the new year 2012. In 30 days I will have my 62nd birthday. It is amazing to me that I have moved forward to this point in time. There have been many drips that I have ridden to get to this point. I am blessed.

Even though my slip and fall on the 30th of December challenges me, I am hopeful for the coming year. We have passed the shortest day of the year and are heading into the light of the coming spring. My short and quick journey down concrete stairs surprised me and disappointed me. I am humbled by this short flight and unhappy landing. It is not the falling that scares me, it's that sudden stop at the bottom that I fear.  I am ready for this set back and have already moved ahead with changes brought on by my lack of mobility. I am not able to hobble to the store on crutches, not a priority but possible to purchase 1/2 and 1/2 or milk for my coffee. Instead I put less coffee in my French press and made it a little weaker to compensate in reverse for strong coffee. Yummy! That's good.

Adjusting and adapting are two actions that I have made a point of focusing on for much of my life, even when I didn't realize that is what I have been doing. Adjusting and adapting is what has kept me from condemning others for their actions because I can then put my feet in their shoes and know that I have probably done those same things. It is part of our journey and our learning process.

So as a result of my fall and injury I am now again being forced to take a breath and not charge ahead with the same abandon of my past days. I will learn to move differently, think differently and adjust and adapt to my current situation. My concern is with healing and getting back to work so I can continue on my plans for each moment of the coming year, one drop at a time.

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