Monday, February 13, 2012

Wow! I need to speak with my acupuncturist or maybe not. Maybe I will speak to the person here. I am just sitting down to my first meal of the day. I started my day with a cup and a half of coffee with 1/2 milk 1/2 creme.

I am wondering if the energy restoring that I had with the acupuncture had something to do with this? We had discussed my treatment issues in the past and one of them is digestion. I ate a large short veggie burrito yesterday afternoon at about 2pm, then came home later and ate a small salad, then nothing until now, 12:35pm next day. Usually if I got overnight without eating something in the morning I have bad effects to my personality. I get tired, less alert, cranky.

Onward. The computer I purchased used a couple of months ago is telling me battery replacement time. Apple, wants about $130 for one. Last time with other computer I got a knock off battery and it worked just fine. I pretty well intend to do the same. Probably made in the same slave factory that makes Apple and other computer batteries. Hopefully no one died to make the quota for the knock off's Got to wait until payday at the end of the week.

Along with that I need to purchase rear brake shoes for my van and also some knock off brake drums I found on line for about $25 apiece. My van has gone close to 300,000 miles without getting the brake drums replaced. I think they have been turned by the previous owner and are beyond limits. All this boring mundane wordage coming from inside my head. Yet, it is a way that helps me sort through whatever I am processing up there. Repetition of what I need to do by writing, saying and etching it into my brain.

Wow, wow again! I don't remember having all the tools at the top of the page before, but maybe I just overlooked them. I used to use html characters when I linked and now there is a button in the tool bar here and presto! Type in the web address and there is the link on my page.

So, for those that don't know, there is a website by the name of change. I am linking to it below. With it one can start an on-line petition. Many have got signatures and presented them to for instance the Apple store in the Big Apple over 200,000 signatures telling Apple computer what their loyal customers expect from them concerning labor practices at home and abroad. And remember that Bank of America wanting to charge it's customers $5 to used ATM cards. That back fired on them by a person who started a petition on So there you go, not that you were interested. But the web is proving to be an interesting tool if one knows where to go for info.

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