Wednesday, November 11, 2009

another update.

Oh, I moved in Portland from my apartment single person dwelling into a house with others further outward towards the East, about 70 block numbers. It is a big change to go from living alone to living with others, especially people who are complete strangers. I wrote plenty about them on my Face book account, a mistake for sure. One of them had a melt down in Aug. and is now no longer even coming by for anything. I think he is perhaps a narcissist. There was nothing one could do that didn't provoke a negative response from him. Bye, Bye! Now the other is the brother of the land lord, but alas he has been asked to move as well. He is disabled and likes being a patient, hence his attention is very limited to sports, all about TV and his various maladies. My feeling was that he was playing the disabled pain card every time a chore was required by him. He has selective chore process. He can't do anything below his knees but sweep and even sweeping causes to much pain. He is unable for instance to do any cleaning in the bathroom it seems, which puts undue responsibility on me. He is not able to perform anything in the kitchen either and he can not do very much outside. He struggles with those tasks all mostly when there is someone around who will notice. He does go out and to places, gets up early 0600 on Sat. and Sun. to attend some 12 step meetings South of Portland which he walks and rides the bus to. He is leaving. Now I am looking for two new house mates. Wow and my rent has remained the same. I am actually looking for another place to live and that is what instigated my land lord to ask her brother to move. I am taking my time to find the right situation, perhaps a house with a large or small separate room, a garage or shop and perhaps a front porch with large shade trees in the yard. This place is small, with large yards, no shade trees, no house mates, and no garage or shop. I have projects and a couple of tool boxes that don't need to live in my bedroom!

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