Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This has been a very different than usual day

I did little most of the morning. First of all, I stayed in bed until 0550 and got up shortly after 0600. My normal day during the week starts at 0430. I did little until I called my friend after taking a shower this morning by about 1000 and got dressed. We grocery shopping about 1200 and were done with that by 1300. I had a large mid afternoon lunch dinner at about 1500 hours. I did figure out what and how I was going to approach Blogger and Face Book and deleted some FB "friends". I will likely continue to whittle away at that. One person whom I haven't had any contact with for more than 10 years contacted me for friendship and I wrote back Why? in the subject line of the message I sent and then said something to the affect of "I've become quite anti-social, tell me why we should be friends on FB". The response was short and possibly misunderstood. She said I thought you were somebody else, obviously I was wrong, good luck or sorry or some other thing. I just wanted an explanation as to why a person would want to hook up on FB that I had no contact with for 10+ years. Apparently, asking for an explanation was to much for that person. At least that's the way I see it. Of course, I do see things in a different light, such as the lens of the land fill.

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  1. Crikey you are anti-social :-)

    I enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with people who I was friends with but who I have fallen out of touch with often due to geography. I have re-ignited some really good friendships through FB and now can't imagine losing touch with them again.

    How about posting some of your writing here? Doesn't matter if it's not finished.