Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm still confused about what I intend to do with this sight!

However, onward. I need it for blowing off frustration, I'm thinking. I am trying to concentrate on some serious writing on my computer alone, works which I intend to finish and submit to someone for publishing in some form. I need a feeling of completion and accomplishment. On this note, I just need to vent and Face Book is not providing that for me, so I am back to this.

So, today I want to thank all the Veterans who have and are presently serving our country! Thank You All!

Since I drive a school bus and it is a school holiday, I am off. It is rainy outside and sitting at home is one of my options, working on a couple of petitions I am submitting to my union about some contract language and safety issues in our yard.

I allowed for a minute a union rep to be my FB friend and realized that was a mistake, because she revealed something of what she thought of my rambling frustration posts. I deleted her as a FB friend. She has a bigger mouth than me. At least I have an understanding of discretion. So, another friend whom I have never met and I had a conversation this weekend. She reminded me that this website is an important tool. It allows me to post my rambling and I don't have to reveal myself to people I work with, because I am much more socially detached than I have lead them to believe. I am still in touch with the anger of my youth. It is hard to believe that my level of acceptance is not really understood my working peers.

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