Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks Goodness, I'm not the only confused person in the world!

Wow! Someone was really confused when they decided on the heating in this house. I'd never run across this type of heating in all my life's experience's. It is radiating from the ceiling. That's right, radiant heat from the ceiling! The thought occurred to me that someone was confused when they installed it. That someone misunderstood the instructions and instead of putting it in the floor, put it on the ceiling. That is not the case. I talked to a friend, an electrician who told me that this type of heating idea came out in those mixed up days of the 1970's. So, we have radiant heat from the ceiling which goes against the very nature of what heat does. It rises when produced, it goes up! I have now turned on my fan at low power, pointed it at an upward angle, hoping to blow the heat hugging my ceiling down little more and against the wall and down towards the flow. So far the air on the floor is moving, but is still relatively cool. I think ceiling fan would be the best I could do. This heat system is installed in each bedroom and in the kitchen and living room. The living room unit doesn't work. I purchased a space heater for that room and the house mate moving out doesn't have the same understanding of what the function of a space heater is since I came home twice and found it blasting away on full power, highest thermostat setting and he wasn't even in the room! This was the final straw that contributed to my telling his sister I was looking for a place to live. He has little understanding of what the costs of everything are since his sister handles all his finances.

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