Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I still don't believe.....

I have been watching TV and listening to the radio regularly and don't believe the American business model has really attempted to change its basic premise yet or the way they are advertising.

An auto maker, GM has an ad for a Cadillac Hybrid Escalade and they are touting that the milage is 20mpg around town, better than a Mini Cooper. Well, that could be. Then they start talking about the great red tag sale they are having on a non hybrid Escalade and what? What is the point? Oh, I get it, they are eating it in the market and are going to be saddled with all these gas hog vehicles, unless you take them off their hands at a discount, of course.

Why should anyone buy them at all? Why not hold out for a price break on the hybrid model, tell them that is what is going happen or you are going down the street to buy a Lexus hybrid SUV.

The other one I don't believe is Chevron/Texaco. Or did Chevron finally absorb Texaco so much that they don't have to use their name anymore? I don't care about that. I care about how they still advertise, especially on PBS, which by the way does put up advertisements.

Chevron has this ad that has a grandfatherly sounding guy talking about how we need to pursue our energy goals in all areas. I find it quite annoying this line of ads especially since I've heard other similar ads with the same voice saying how Chevron is exploring all sorts of green energy solutions. I just think these big companies pander to the public through advertising while screwing us in all other ways. Thank goodness I haven't been drinking the Kool-Aide!

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