Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well that's it, Journal Space is gone

The other on line journal I used to keep the server has had a fatal error that could not be recovered from and I now have to decide if this place will satisfy my need to write on line. If what I write here is enough to satisfy my urge to purge my brain of thoughts that clog it up. I just have TMI which is the former name of my old journal there......

Some of it I saved on my computer with the same operating system that js had. Most of it is just dribble anyway so I am not worried. I do my real writing really on my won hard drive and have been putting more effort into getting it right there.

My plan here is to learn to navigate this site, my page here and just put down anything that I feel I need to get out of my head.

Oh, I like that, auto save! So for now, one more cup of coffee, take the dog for a walk and hopefully take care of myself besides what is swirling around in the cesspool of my brain.

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