Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thinking about the responsibilities of earning a living....

Out this morning, walking my sweet Buster I once again thought about working for a living and came to the conclusion that I have always worked in the service industry of some sort. My working history started mowing someone's lawn and graduated to servicing peoples gas powered vehicles with gasoline to being a construction laborer, to a retail clerk, then back to construction labor, to property maintenance to reading water meters to going to school and into the transportation industry, fueling people planes etc. to working on airliners and finally into driving a school bus.

I was thinking that it isn't right that people make money by selling people things they don't need or people who haven't had to hurt or take responsibility for other lives and make money still. I was thinking along these lines likely because it is one of my pet peeves that there are people who are so out of touch with the struggling masses and I resent it.

Of course, I can't afford to build a mountain out of a mole hill about that subject, but I've paid my dues and now want to know, to find out if I have it in me to earn money without suffering by being underpaid for responsibility.

In other words, can I retrain to an industry that the employees make more money than just enough to get by on and save for my dreams, which by the way are relatively small.

I consider myself at the bottom of my earning curve and want to go up. I am just lost as to how to do it and still survive comfortably.

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