Saturday, January 3, 2009

Here's an interesting thought.....

Where did it go?

Just kidding, not really.

I hate it when that happens, that thought just seems to evaporate. Oh, came back. Maybe it's my lack of patience? Likely. It is this lack of being tolerant for the way my brain processes my thoughts. I know that my brains director went to lunch some time shortly after I was born and never came back. Therefore when information goes in, it goes to look for the director and sometimes gets to a spot I can retrieve it and sometimes it takes two weeks. I know better, but even that idea gets lost.

So here it is. On my weather site from weather underground it lists the temperature up the street as 37.4 degrees F. Then down below they add the wind chill factor the corrected temp. is now 40 degrees F.

I didn't know, wind chill could add temperature. I guess I will have to look that up. See, you tell an older person something and they will pursue it or just plain hear what you said?

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