Sunday, January 4, 2009

Decided to Lay Low........

Yes, procrastinating instead of laundry. Since i have got a late start on that, I decided to defer it for another day. Deferments are a well known tactic used by those in the upper 1% of the income brackets to not pay their taxes according to one of those articles I read in Mother Jones Magazine.

On page 33 of said magazine there is an interesting side bar showing the 3.4 Trillion dollars of bail out money, {our tax money} that has been given to the financial institutions of our great nation. Oh, you might say, but it was only $700 million, not $3.4 Trillion! Well, according to Nomi Prins the real figure as of 11/21/08 is the Trillion dollar figure.

The whole truth is coming out. What we hear on the nightly news is just scratching the surfaced of all this.

If you would like to leav3e all of this behind a few minutes, come check out Jeff Beck. I have rediscovered a lot of music on You Tube. Wow, thanks neighbor for keeping your wireless on so I can tap into it:-)

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