Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So, 14 days and counting..... down....

So, here's the question. How many people is GW Bush going to pardon on his last day as president, with a lower case p?

His dear old Pa pardoned I think 74 people.

Bill Clinton pardoned on his last day 140 people with 36 commutations. Of course he did pardon a lot more people on Dec. 22, 2000.

But I'm talking about Jan. 20th or is the 19th the last day? In which case he would have 13 days left to grant pardons to all his water boarding friends?

This is the question I am going to pose to my high schoolers that I drive in my big yellow bus. The winner will get a $5 Peet's card for coffee or whatever they can get for that miserly amount.

Of course with the HS's, they will likely be giddy about the thoughts of it all and have trouble remembering the instructions. 1 one answer only, 2 first name and last initial only, 3 do I have to turn it in today? 4, do I have to use a pen or a pencil 5 do you have a pencil I can borrow? The list goes on. I expect some guesses here too.

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  1. GW can keep himself pretty busy these next few weeks, I guess. Let's just hope Papa doesn't get his wish to see Jebbie in the Oval Office in 2012!