Sunday, January 4, 2009

I've been taking a bath, besides the financial bath, reading the latest......

Mother Jones Magazine.

If you are unfamiliar with Mother Jones, I urge you to google it or let's see if I can link to it.

In the current issue is a summary of detailing our economy, what has taken us to this point and ideas about how to get to a healthy sustaining economy.

I know, everybody is NOW coming out of the woodwork to point out our wrongs and suggesting fixes for them. David Cay Johnston who writes the article Fiscal Therapy is just one voice in thousands who has a plan.

The point is get the magazine, pay the $5.95 at the news stand or find it on the web. We need ammunition because there are still those folks in government who want to keep the tax structure like it is, making the Bush tax cuts permanent etc.

This article and the following articles in The Jan.-Feb Mother Jones are just a small batch of facts we need to continue our push to a better economy, where were are all treated as equals, not the way it has been for 30 or 40 years.

These economy issues are not a Democrat/Republican issue as some corporations would like us to believe, but a people verses corporations {which are now considered people in the eyes of the law} issues. I still don't consider corporations people in the eyes of humanity!

So that's my Pitch! Go out and get a mother Jones Magazine for Jan.-Feb. 2009 and read it and start or continue to put pressure on our elected representatives for change.

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