Sunday, January 4, 2009

More than the truth, The Dick speaks to Bob Shieffer on Face The Nation

Bob asked Dick what he thought the new administration would have to deal with right away and The Dick said almost quoting him, but not quite. The difficulties with the financial market that have developed in the last 6 months.

Now what I want to know is. Does The Dick think that the current crisis only developed in the last 6 months and that all those corporate tax breaks his bosses administration has been passing to the very people that are saying we're going to tank unless you give us some dough hasn't had anything to do with how the markets have turned out?

Thank goodness those jokers are leaving and some new jokers are taking their place. I hope the new ones don't live up to the old ones by all standards except the standards of the vacating group.

It is what I hate most about politics. And we have had this mentality for nearly 8 years. Like a 2 year old child who says, "I'm not listening, I'm going to do it my way!"

Hope is in the air and here is another kick my booty tune staring Jeff Beck

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