Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OH, it was a good idea earlier......

the hot cocoa, different than hot chocolate. Often the two are confused, but I got my head around it the when I was looking for some Mexican hot chocolate with Jalapeno Peppers.

So, cocoa is that powder, something like Herseys that used to come in a brown paper can with metal bottom and metal top with an oval opening replaceable metal lid that one would pry open with a spoon.

I buy my cocoa bulk at an herb/vegetable store. A lot cheaper that way and I think the quality is probably better.

So I mix my cocoa with milk and a sweetener such as evaporated cane juice or honey. Heat it all up on the stove and pour it intomy big mug. mmmm. I did that today about lunch time. To much. Now I don't feel like sleeping, but will use self hypnosis to go to another level.

I read that hot chocolate is the cocoa powder, milk, sweetener and whole chocolate that is melted in the pan along with the other ingredients. That sounds yummy. Maybe I will experiment with it once on a weekend and then save it for a special occasion.

The thing about the hot cocoa is that I know it gives me a kick, caffeine kick and I have some very uncomfortable pain.

It is an old habit to medicate pain with caffeine especially when the acetametaphen is not working well.

I took a flying tumble inthe kitchen the other day, slipped on some water that my dog lapped up out of his bowl and ended up on the flow, even though I have made great efforts to keep it from getting there. I walked into the kitchen, stepped bare foot into the water and found myself flopping like a hooked fish onto the kitchen floor onto my already inflamed left rotator cup, the one that never healed back there in 2000.

That's it, why I am still wired up from that delicious hot cocoa.


  1. I've never tried making hot "chocolate" with carob powder, but you might want to experiment with that since carob has no caffeine.

    Sorry about the fall -- Scooter Pie is a sloppy drinker, too!

  2. Hit it with a pinch of Chili powder, YUMMO with a kick