Sunday, January 4, 2009

Financial planners worried about their financial future

Well, welcome to my world! They should be worried, the rest of us have been in the dumps for years as wall street friends have been whittling away at the working class and inflating their own importance beyond reason. Why shouldn't they now be in the dregs of society where we all have been living for so long?

By golly, such folly to think that one is immune when most of us have been slashed over and over. We are the base and if you take away from the base, there is no foundation left to support the ivory tower.

They think we are fools, but who are the real fools? The denial system eventually breaks down and then what are you left with?

It is said if you make your bed you must sleep in it. Well, there you go! Have a good fitful nights sleep.

Oh and the Dick is on Face the Nation this morning running his misleading information campaign as though we still believe. What a jerk!

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  1. As to Dick, their MO is repeat a lie enough, and people will begin to believe it, and then it becomes the truth..newspeak in action. In that light, they are trying to rewrite history. Bull!