Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wow, the discovery of the lost community is growing.

Like many of you, I too am a js castaway.

Of course, I am a little more challenged to spice up my blog page. Everything takes me much longer and that is OK.

I just took a nice hot bath and am now going to attempt getting to the laundry mat. I start working again, actually today, a charter.

The charter may or may not happen since it is just a shuttle bus from an overflow parking lot to the Portland Zoo. It has been predicted that rain will be coming this afternoon which really puts a damper on the number of Zoo patrons. I report at 1545. That means leave here at 1515, get to dispatch, get my paper work or not, but regardless, I will be paid 2 hours. That's a little more than I would make not taking the job.

So far I have only turned down 2 jobs while working at this company, which is a good record. The head dispatcher made a note of that to me back in Nov. 08. That's just it, I need the work, would rather it all took place for the same company.

Got to go now.....

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