Friday, January 9, 2009

If You Are Not Completely Outraged, Your Not Paying Attention!

This is completely documented shooting of a young man at Fruitvale Bart Station. I used to frequent this station to ride the trains to SF and other areas.

The video is uncut and quite shocking pretty clearly showing a Bart Police Officer helping to search the man with other officers drawing his gun and shooting the man who is laying face down in the back.

The man died. There is OUTRAGE in the community. This is not the City of Oakland Police, but the Bart Police who seem to have no one to call them to the carpet since they operate on all Bart property in many cities. I've written about them before since they seem to be accountable to no one.

Oh, this is f'd Up. Google or Blogger won't let me link the murder that you will have to find on your own at you tube under the name of Oscar Grant Murder By a Bart Cop.

They are not letting me link to it. My html is all ok. I tried it with CBS copyrighted material and got error messages, hence you tube where you can get and share everything.

I guess Blogger doesn't want to let people show murder on their websites. Thank goodness they don't own You Tube! Of course, I could be absolutely wrong and my html could be off, except I have tried it several times to make sure I didn't error, but it won't let me apparently.


  1. Jclouds---I took a look at this thing, and you are right...beyond disturbing. I actually had to look at the frame by frame version to get a sense of what happened. Anyway, I tried embedding it on my blog, and it took. So I feel it warrants being shown here, and I am going to paste your post...with the video.

  2. Sorry, I should have asked first, so I'm going to hold off until I hear from you. I have it saved.